Hey Funbakers, let’s do some forensics today! 

A detective game, Silent Streets is not just wandering around Snowport talking to its people. People are biased, people cherish their selfish motives, people have bad memory and false memories, people are easily manipulated. Bottom line, people are unreliable sources of information for a discerning detective. But a silent object – an inarticulate letter opener, a dumb moonshine bottle or a mute boat ticket – has the ultimate power to overturn a criminal case. 

So how do you collect evidence in Silent Streets? 

First, you need to get to the crime scene. This part is easy. Tap your destination on the map of Snowport, and walk the required distance with your phone in your pocket. Don’t worry, you’ll get a notification when you are there.

As you arrive, you get an image of the whole setting. We strongly recommend that you pause there for a while and take a mental note of any unusual objects. Those are your best candidates for evidence to collect. 

Next comes the hot part of the fun! The objects you need to find are scattered around you in your real-world surroundings. They can be as small as an opium packet several meters away or as big as a leather boot right in front of you. With the help of your phone’s gyroscope, the game evidence is merged with your camera feed – so you might take a real scrap of paper in your office for the boat ticket you want to find in Silent Streets, and tap it violently with no effect. It also means you might easily skip a Snowport boat ticket, taking it for the actual rubbish lying around. So if you want a challenge, play the crime investigation scenes in cluttered spaces (so remember to never tidy up after parties), or simply go to an empty car park to gather all the evidence in no time!

Magnifier icons at the bottom of your screen indicate how many items are yet to be found. As you tap the correct objects, their names fill the bullet list. When you find them all, you can tap the Continue button, and all evidence is added to your notepad for later use.

And what if your phone does not have a gyroscope? Don’t you worry my friend – Silent Streets detects your hardware and automatically switches to a 2D mode. All Snowport mysteries must be investigated – whatever tools you have.

As you see, not an impossible job for an expert forensic scientist! And you ARE an expert forensic scientist, Detective… excuse me, what was your name again? Nice meeting you, my friend. Now, Snowport is waiting! 

Keep cool, bake fun,

Funbakers team